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Hypnotherapy Services and Fees
Initial consultation is free of charge.
The first step is to discuss with me what problem you need to address. You can do this by calling me on (01896)848958 or contacting me by using the email form (Contact Me page). I will explain what might be involved(Suggestion therapy,analytical therapy or a mixture of both), including likely numbers of sessions.
A typical session lasts approx. 60-75 mins. and number of sessions vary depending on the nature of the problem and the therapy required. See the indicative Costs table below. Many problems eg. stopping smoking can be resolved in one or two sessions other deeper rooted problems like anxiety may require a few more sessions
Home visits may be possible at an additional charge of £10 per session. If you feel you would prefer to proceed on this basis please contact me to dicuss.
Sessions can be paid for at the time by cash or cheque  
Cost per Session
 Est Number of
Relaxation Session
Smoking( Light)
Smoking( Heavy) 
Weight Control
Fears & Phobias