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Most people at sometime in their life have problems or things in their life which they want to stop, change, or perhaps like to improve. Some people, depending on the nature of the problem, are fortunate to be able to resolve the issue by themselves. However, for many, the very nature of the problem (possibly rooted in their subconscious) can be such that, despite their best efforts and intentions, the situation persists.
Whether looking to overcome anxiety or low self-esteem or perhaps looking to increase your confidence or motivation, get rid of an unwanted habit or fear... or  really like to stop smoking lose weight, end jealousycontrol pain, relax or just get a good night's sleep. If so, hypnotherapy  may be the help you require. Hypnotherapy is a safe and relaxing method of therapy. It has proved to be effective in changing those unwanted feelings, thoughts or behaviours. Mentioned above are just some of the areas where hypnotherapy can help. More are listed below but there are many many more.
If you feel you may want to give hypnotherapy a try and would like to know more, please contact me by e mail or telephone.
      Skill Improvement &
 Self Esteem & Confidence
 Driving Confidence
  Over Eating
 Bereavement & Loss
 Public Speaking
  Nail Biting
 Fears : Dentist
 Sports & Fitness
  Bed Wetting
            Bees& Wasps
 Exam Nerves
 Lack of Assertiveness
  Eating Disorders
            Many More
 Panic Attacks